LEMP Linux Nginx MariaDB Php Phpmyadmin on Debian Jessie

Here’s a look at how I configured a LEMP server on Debian Jessie

Install nginx using command :

This location will be your Document Root in the nginx virtual configuration file later on. By adding a -p to the line of code, the command automatically generates all the parents for the new directory.

We need to grant ownership of the directory to the right user, instead of just keeping it on the root system. You can replace the “www-data” below with the appropriate username.

We can add some text to the file so we will have something to look at when the the site redirects to the virtual host.

The next step is to create a new file that will contain all of our virtual host information.

Make a symbolic link to /site-enabled to enable it

To check if syntax works


Now install MariaDB

check it

secure it

I must stress that this is not recommended for a production environment.

To avoid  this error in phpmyadmin

At the mysql prompt enter the following:

and phpMyAdmin